Breaking Barriers to Learning Through Live Teaching and Content
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What is EDLounge TV?

EDLounge TV is an innovative teaching and learning channel that delivers live and recorded sessions produced to upskill and develop the viewer academically, and vocationally on the topics discussed.

For Schools and Learners

Content available for academic and vocational subjects for school-aged learners with timetabled sessions, scheduled TV shows, revision and exam practice, debates, live lectures and recordings available.

For Teachers, SLT, MATs and Teacher Training

Our Live streamed and Live TV shows have been created for informative chats and sessions that have been created for SLT, Teachers, HLTAs and MATs who need up to date teaching, learning, CPD training and management information for whole school educational aspects.

For Adult Learners

The live streamed learning content, lessons, and are ideal for Adult learners, staff wanting to upskill and develop staff, apprenticeships or traineeship.

For PE Teachers

A channel for PE teachers and school sport offering sessions for Academic subjects, moderation, exam and revision techniques… plus experts and elite performers discussing the topics in their fields offering comprehensive support.

For Referees and officials

Our TV channel and shows offer a great insight of the Elite referees and Officials knowledge and understanding of the game, key topics and up to date analysis of decisions made discuss topical aspects of different sporting clips,

The Educate Lounge Show for educationalists

EDucate Lounge is our Education Show that has a weekly professional discussion and chat on everything that is involved in the world of teaching and learning, training, development and up to date educational policies.

Maths TV Shows

sWelcome to our Maths Section on EDLounge TV. There is a wide range of recorded Maths content, live lessons,  revision and exam questions available.

English TV Shows

Televised English teaching and learning channel that has live streaming English language and literature sessions, lessons, clips, hints and tips.

Within the channel we have English revision and exam technique shows.

Science TV Shows

Live streaming of Science lessons, experiments and lectures so that you can be learning topics and theories from your living room or on the go.   Hints, tips, revision sessions and exam technique shows that are recorded and are all available for all those budding scientists on demand.

Safeguarding TV Shows

Safeguarding is paramount for everyone. 

We have daily updates and TV shows that coincide alongside courses and blogs that identify safeguarding in education, business, the work place, and sporting establishments to keep you up to date within everything Safeguarding through our team of Safegaurding experts.


We are proud to offer our range of PSHE lessons, streamed sessions and clips of the tough to teach topics found in PSHE so that they are fun and interactive,

PE TV Shows

Our PE and School sport TV Show have guest speakers for Academic courses within the world of Physical Education and Sport.

We have extensive clips, sessions, videos and lessons in for practical and theoretical PE.

Football, Analysis of Sport and Refereeing

Elite referees and Officials discuss topical aspects of different sporting clips, highlights and decisions on a daily and weekly scheduled slots.  Live chats and discussion within our panel of experts and live forums for player and officials to develop and analyse performances with our sister companies software.

Vocational Courses

We have extensive streamed sessions and video lessons for vocational courses such as Workskills, Construction,  Media,  Dj’ing and much more to come.